This client is a taxi center that operates in a city and wanted to modernize its process of obtaining customers (Pass requests by phone or in person to an automated system) to be able to compete in the transport industry market.

Improvement process

The client has a fleet of cars and an established process of operation, so it was necessary to propose a system that would meet the new requirements without changing the operation too much.

A cloud system was proposed that will have 4 main parts: mobile application for drivers, mobile application for users, web system and the main system that is responsible for managing everything. The system would be able to track drivers in real time, automatically receive travel requests, online payments and a history along with statistical information.

Implemented technology

The communication is done through Web Socket technology and a REST API. The main system receives information from both applications and is responsible for making the link between them when necessary (as in a trip.) In addition, the system generates, saves and calculates the cost of the routes that drivers follow with the help of APIs Google Maps.

The system has a distributed architecture in which the database and the system are separated to improve performance at a lower cost.

Server (Back-end)

NodeJS 8.9

Web Interface (Front-end)

Angular v.6

Mobile App

Android native (Kotlin API 28)

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