Why is there a trend to create websites with WordPress?


This 2021, the creation of websites with WordPress increased by 39.5% as it was the content management system preferred by developers. 

But why is it one of the first choices today?

To answer this question, let’s look at another widely used CMS on the market: Shopify. This one is for eCommerce and allows you to design online stores. 

We are almost sure that if you are interested in online sales, you have probably already come across their advertising.

This platform has gained recognition and is in the second place of popularity, however to understand the big difference between the preference of the users, here is a fragment of a W3 Techs’ statistic. In it you will see comparative percentages between WordPress in position #1 and Shopify in position #3.

Comparative percentages between WordPress
Graphic of a W3 Techs’ statistic

As you will notice, position #2 is “none” which means that the statistics did not detect the CMS of 38% of the analyzed websites, but among those that did recognize it, WordPress surpassed Shopify and the rest by tens. 

This is a clear example of how WordPress quickly climbed positions thanks to its various website creation tools, plugins and tools. 

At first it was believed that the main goal of WP was to create blogs, however, now more than ever it is clear that it is a very complete option.

So that you know all the points that he has in his favor, here are his main benefits: 

  • It is an open source software, so you can download and install it for free.
  • You create and edit your own content with great ease.
  • It is optimized for SEO and this helps your content to be positioned in search engines.
  • It has free resources, such as blogs, plugins and tutorials.
  • You will have a secure and fully customizable website.

WordPress allows you to build websites from scratch and more quickly and easily, which is why this 2021 took the reign as the preferred CMS of website developers. 


Now you know that WordPress is #1, but what exactly is a CMS?

The meaning of this acronym is: Content Management System, and it allows you to create, organize and publish content within websites. They are widely used as a complement to the creation of digital strategies, and with the arrival of the 2020 pandemic, their use skyrocketed as the market focused primarily on digital environments. 

There are exclusive CMS for the creation of eCommerce, others, such as Blogger focus on the publication of blog articles, but WordPress allows the implementation of both and more.

Of course, there are other intuitive site creators besides WordPress, such is the case of Wix, however, the latter is based more on the visual than on the maximum optimization of the site, something that is highly valued in WordPress, besides, with the latter you can create very aesthetic sites as well with its diverse number of templates and affiliated design tools. 

In Necodex we are also part of the community that uses WordPress, so if you want us to design for you a completely intuitive and attractive website, and in a short period of time, contact us to know everything about your future website needs.  

Jesus Rodolfo Olguin Villanueva

Jesus Rodolfo Olguin Villanueva

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