Why do clients prefer to hire nearshore software development services offered in Latin America?

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Outsourcing nearshore software development in Latin American countries goes beyond the cost benefits. Choosing a Latin American outsourcing partner has way more advantages than selecting an outsourcing partner from other parts of the world.

If we talk about low costs, you will remember that India gained a lot of ground in outsourcing issues. However, communication and culture have been vital for both the U.S. and Canadian customers, and we know you will not be an exception. 

It is not the same to deal with someone fluent in your native language as it is to deal with someone who is fluent in your native language and understands your business needs and work culture due to their proximity to your country. 

Latin America, especially Mexico (which shares a border), has adopted behaviors, goals, studies, and strategies similar to those of customers in the United States and Canada due to their proximity and influence.

This proximity has led clients in the United States and Canada to communicate and work better when hiring nearshore software development services in Latin America.

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Besides the affordable costs and better communication, what else do Latin American service providers offer? 

  • Territorial proximity
  • Same time zone
  • Business culture
  • Quality

Thanks to these benefits, there is also a great workflow and project progress in less time. Although most developers work remotely, if the client needs a face-to-face meeting, personal visits are not a problem compared to outsourcing services from Asian or European countries.

Many Latin American service providers already have offices in the United States to provide the closest possible service to their clients. For example, at Necodex we opened a new branch office in Phoenix, where our general manager regularly goes in case he is asked for face-to-face appointments. 

Achieving the synchrony that has been seen between American and Latin American clients has led many companies that initially opted to hire their nearshore software development services in India or different locations in Asia to now do so in Latin America.

Now you may be wondering: Which of all the nearshore service providers should I hire? 

Here are the most requested countries for this service:

  • Mexico
  • Ecuador
  • Peru
  • Colombia

Each one of these countries has a similar time zone, affordable costs, and highly trained engineers. 

If you are interested in finding the United States’ closest developers, you can look at Necodex. At Necodex we are located just three hours away from the border, and we also have a new branch office in Phoenix. However, since we know that proximity is not the only factor that you are looking for when choosing a nearshore software development option, we have created a landing page to explain how we can help accelerate and optimize your project’s delivery.

Perla Esmeralda Núñez Servín

Perla Esmeralda Núñez Servín

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