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If you are looking for a software development company that creates high-quality systems and delivers in record time, then we are your best option.

If you are wondering why it is important for us to deliver innovative software in less time, let us introduce ourselves, we are Arturo Herrera, Rodolfo Olguín, and José Luis Vega, founders of Necodex. 

Together we realized that in the market it is normal for developers to take longer than expected to deliver the requested system, that is why in addition to offering quality and technical analysis, we focus on improving the delivery times common in the industry. 

Although we started developing projects from Mexico, we currently have a branch office in Phoenix, Arizona, and we have more than 20 specialists focused on the technology branch, we even opened our marketing agency: Puzzlexmedia.com, due to the interest of several of our clients to position themselves in the minds of their consumer’s thanks to the development of digital strategies.

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Arturo Herrera

Chief Executive Officer


Rodolfo Olguín

Sales Director

José Luis

José Luis Vega

Director of Operations

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