What is App Store Optimization?

App Optimization

As the term SEO that stands for Search Engine Optimization refers to the method to rank higher on search engines like Google, ASO stands for App Store Optimization and refers to how to rank better on those app stores.

App store

Now you may think that both are really similar, and yes, but with SEO the main objective is to rank higher so your website receives more visits and more conversions. With the ASO the objective is to rank higher so your app has more installations. 

To achieve this goal, some steps are also similar to SEO, for example: 


The very first thing to have in mind are Keywords, if you are starting with your app, or even if you already launch it and just wanted to get more downloads, you need to target the keywords people are searching for.

Title Name

Then the App Title or Name, as we stated before, it doesn’t matter if you are starting or your app is already online, you can change the title and the keywords to target the correct audiences and with that optimize your ranking. So, you need to think about your title around the keywords that you selected.

You can try a few of them but when you see an increase in the number of downloads, then you are on the right track.


As on the last 2 steps, the description can help you rank better if you optimize it with keywords related to your app. And, once again, remember to select keywords that users are looking for and do not stuff it with a lot of keywords, select just the best.

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Now, to start with the visual side the icon for the app is the very first thing the user sees, so it is the first hook to make the click and, finally download your app. 

Here, aside from the keywords, what you need to keep in mind are design concepts, what design trends are being used, what colors, and what reflects what your app does and how it is what the user is exactly looking for. 

icon design


A simple yet very important factor, because, with the proper use of the screenshots you can show the user exactly how your app does work, and for example, you can use it to tell a little story, how to solve something with the use of your app. Not just like, the cover, or the logo, that doesn’t apport anything to the user. 

app screenshot

Competitor analysis

This is a technical aspect that is also part of the SEO, competitor analysis can make you see what other apps don’t solve, what the users like or doesn’t like about them, and with that, you can reinforce what your app already is doing good, correct the things that are wrong and add whatever you find that your app is missing. But here you can also what is making them rank, what keywords, and how they are using them.


More than a tip, this is something to avoid. There are some apps that you can find in multiple categories, but that’s something not really wise to do. Choose the best category, the one that better fits your app properties, and reach the users that will actually install your app.

Downloads & Reviews

Even when you can’t control these factors, they’re still important, with more downloads obviously your app will rank better but, the reviews can affect you positively or negatively but even when you have negative reviews, read them and use them to improve your app.

Now with all these factors to work with, it looks like we end with the process but, that’s not quite right, at the end you need to keep constantly monitoring how your app is doing, reading the reviews, and trying to rank better. You can always keep improving.  

Emet Zaid Morales Peral

Emet Zaid Morales Peral

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