SL Monitoring

The client is a vehicle insurer that wants to provide an added value to thier customers: vehicular tracking in real time.

Improvement process

Initially the client used the Coban 303 device, which worked through SMS. We research on this technology used to know if it met the needs and acquainted with it.

A proposal was generated in which a web system was offered that included the modules of: Map (real time visualization), Vehicle Control (CRUD) and history. The development began with the communication between the device and the system, ending with the user interfaces.

Implemented technology

The GPS device communicates via a TCP socket connection with the server, through which a message is sent with all the vehicle information (location, speed, address, etc). The server receives this information to be stored in the database and presented to users (web and apps) through a REST API.

Server (Back-end)

NodeJS 10.15
  Net module

Web Interface (Front-end)

React Web System 16.8.

Mobile App

React Native

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