The client is a company dedicated to logistics for import and export of merchandise, mainly with suppliers of the United States abroad through rail. The process of follow-up during the railway journey is done manually (Excel files, telephone calls, etc), however, for the client it is important to know exactly the location and estimated time of arrival of each material as they have to synchronize several instances during this process (Customs, different railway companies, ports and ships).

Improvement process

A system was offered that allowed to track merchandise, know the location and estimated arrival times in real time. The system was proposed in a modular way and was divided as follows:

• Locations and routes module.
• Customs module.
• Information entry module from third parties (Union Pacific mainly).
• Tracking module (Manual and automatic) for trains (actually train carriages that are grouped).
• Material storage module.
• Port and ships module.

The client can control and track their shipments of material regardless of the origin of the supplier or destination, offering the most possible freedom in any case.

Implemented technology

There is communication between our system and the system of UNION PACIFIC, one of the largest railways in the United States, who through a REST API allows us to consult the information equipment (hoppers or cars) of the train that is being followed up. This information is NOT in real time, it is simply a list with the railway stations through which the equipment has passed until the time of the consultation (with date / time of arrival and departure).

Server (Back-end)

NodeJS 10.15

Web Interface (Front-end)

React 16.8 with React Hooks

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