POS Real-time Chat

The client is a recognized coffee producer in which the problem is that the point of sale doesn’t have an official means by which to communicate with the operation Supervisors, Operations Managers and central solutions.

Improvement process

Create a chat in which allows the central solutions, as well as supervisors and bar managers, to communicate with the operator. What is intended is that through the chat, at the point of sale, the operator can communicate directly with the supervisor to receive timely support to the needs he has. This chat should be available both in the mobile application, as well as in a web system.

Implemented technology

The main system, which contains all the necessary permissions to perform the communication between clients, also receives the information of the application and the web system; This communication is made through Websocket technology and REST API.

Server (Back-end)

NodeJS 10.15
  Net module

Web Interface (Front-end)

React Web System 16.8.

Mobile App

React Native

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