Mobile apps

Strengthen your business with sales channels and customer service through a mobile app.

At Necodex we have extensive experience in the development of mobile applications for transportation, logistics, AgTech, e-commerce, among others.

Why should your business have a mobile application?

You will be able to maintain direct communication with your client

Now you will not have to wait for your client to connect, you can send personalized notifications to your clients when you decide.

You will strengthen your brand

Few businesses have an application and thus stand out from the competition; In addition, a mobile application generates thousands of different and unique possibilities to interact with the client, and with it you can constantly know their needs to adapt your application to them.

You will have more traffic and visibility

Having your own app implies being in the Apple Store or Play Store and this means that a greater number of users will find you and request the services offered by your brand.

What do we include in the development of mobile applications?

Android and iOS

Your application will be adapted to run on either of these two operating systems.


Improve the user experience by making your application faster, more attractive and intuitive.

Payment methods

Integra métodos de pago con el uso de paypal y tarjetas de crédito y débito.

Tablet & iPad

Your application will be responsive and will adapt to the measurements of either of these two types of devices.

Locate the position of the users or allow them to have access to your geolocation in real time.


If your application requires a map, you will be able to trace sectors, assign routes, place markers, give destination instructions, among other benefits.

Do you want to have your own mobile application?

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