Milktea App

Milktea App is a company that offers healthy products where the packaging can be customized by the client so that they can make their own consumption or sell the products.

Business need

Improve your inventory, sales and billing process to save time and money.

Improvement process

A cloud system with full integration with SAP ERP and its characteristics was proposed with the following:

  • Mobile application with bar reader to buy in the store.
  • Ecommerce with online payments and a history that has your statistical information.
  • Inventory and order management system.

Implemented technology

Communication is done through API REST technology, the main system receives orders, new customers, changes in products, inventory updates and synchronizes everything with SAP ERP (the web system and the APP).

Server (Back-end)

NodeJS 8.9

Web Interface (Front-end)


Mobile App

Android nativo (Kotlin API 28)


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