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Believe it or not, there are many eCommerce that lose buyers because of poor customer support. We must remember that with the advent of the covid-19 online shopping has skyrocketed and competition in the virtual world has increased, so we can no longer expect our customers to be patient and continue browsing our website even if it lacks support. The reality today is that if something prevents them from performing any action they will go with the competition they find on Google, so today we have some tips that will help you offer the best customer support in your eCommerce. 

Do not get carried away by the premise that in this virtual era is handled by self-service: although it is true that the tools are given for the user to do everything by himself, such as: choose products, take them to the cart, buy or cancel them, remember that to make this work 100% and avoid future complaints, you must offer the best possible content, which brings us to the next point. 

The attention starts from the information that exists on your site: if you have received comments that your page is saturated, is not attractive or it takes time to find a certain area, the bad customer support has already started. At this point, the best thing to do is to always look for someone to work for you on UI/UX design, since with this you will achieve a more aesthetic, practical, and intuitive website, both in the wording of the information and in the design you offer to attract your client. 

If you are interested in knowing in detail the user experience design we invite you to read the following article. 

Offer customer support in different channels: Believe it or not, many eCommerce owners leave phone numbers and emails on their site that they do not follow up. This is essential, if you don’t have time to take calls or answer emails you should delegate someone to do it since responding on time to any of these can greatly define whether or not your prospect becomes your customer. Remember that if you are not yet a worldwide known eCommerce like Amazon and eBay, your customers will not wait long days for you to respond. If they don’t receive your feedback within a few hours or the next day they will run to another site that offers a similar product to yours and they may even leave a negative review on your social networks. 

Leave as many options as possible for the customer to help themselves: the reality is that many users, before contacting you by email or phone, will try to figure things out for themselves, so you should always help them by providing a FAQ area, for example, or instructions to help guide them. 

If you are not sure if your eCommerce has good customer support we can evaluate it to determine the strengths you already have and the improvements you should make. In addition to developers, we have UI/UX designers who can style your site if necessary and we have our own digital marketing strategy agency: puzzlexmedia.com.

Perla Esmeralda Núñez Servín

Perla Esmeralda Núñez Servín

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