How to improve the user experience?

User Experience

Surely you have entered a very slow website, has too much text, poor quality images and as you can’t find what you are looking for you decide to leave it to visit the competition. This is a bad user experience because you, as a user, are dissatisfied with your search. 

We know you don’t want your customers to feel this way with your website, eCommerce, or application, and the reality is that many times we don’t know if our sites comply with a good user experience or not, so this time we will detail how to take advantage of it to benefit your website with satisfied customers, more retention and better conversions. 

Let’s start by clarifying what is necessary to consider in user experience design 

Evoking familiarity: there may be thousands of templates on the market, however, this does not ensure that your niche will identify with your site. Just as it is very different to present a website to the European, American, or Latin market, we must know well what type of users are the ones we expect to enter our website, because each culture has different needs even online and what may be attractive for one is not for another. 

Make sure it is simplified: gone are the days when pages had too much text and images. The reality is that competition is increasing more and more on the Internet and therefore it is necessary to ensure that our site is highly intuitive and that it will meet all the needs of users. And how to know these needs? With the following point. 

Perform tests: this is important to know how users behave on your website. It is necessary to know how they feel interacting with our site, for example: if they feel comfortable or if on the contrary, it causes them frustration. Very specifically, we must investigate which areas cause negative effects to change strategies, accommodations, colors, etc., and know which ones have positive effects to learn from them and implement similar methods in the areas that are weak. 

Who is in charge of achieving a good user experience? 

The UI/UX designers. They thoroughly research each client’s needs before designing their website. They choose both the right layout and the best colors according to the brand and its market niche. They perform a/b testing, heat mapping, and testing to make sure your design is on track before submitting it as final work. 

If you have received negative comments or doubts about the type of user experience that your website is having you can contact us to advise you and know in detail all the areas of improvement that your site can have. We have UI/UX designers who can guide you in this process and generate a redesign to make your site look as it deserves to be: attractive, easy, and intuitive. 

Perla Esmeralda Núñez Servín

Perla Esmeralda Núñez Servín

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