How to improve the speed of your website?

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Does your website take a long time to load? This can be a reason for new users who found your link in search engines to decide to return to the main page, such as Google, for example, and choose the competition over you, so today we will show you all the details you need to know to improve the speed of your website. 

Let’s start by recommending you two sites where you will know the current speed of your web page 

Do the test by placing the link of your site in one of these speed tester and check how fast or slow it is. 

The result was that your web page has a low speed? Then let’s move on to the next points: 

  • Reduce the size of your images: remember to always reduce your images while trying to keep control of their quality, this can be achieved in Photoshop settings or with pages that allow you to edit and download your images with weight/quality settings like:
  • If you use WordPress use only the necessary plugins: many website owners download dozens of plugins that in most cases do not end up using and this unnecessary saturation can become one of the reasons for a slow website. Do you want to analyze how long it takes to run each of the plugins you have installed? For this we recommend: Plugin Performance Profiler.
  • Use the browser’s cache storage: Make sure you have configured an expiration date for the cache since it stores a lot of information that can slow down your site and it is good to clean the cache at a certain time to regulate the speed. 
  • Check if the theme you use on your website is well optimized: many websites have managed to increase their speed by changing their theme for a more friendly and optimized one, after all, filling your theme with JavaScript functions, PHP code, among others, without a real need and strategy can be the reason for the low speed. On the other hand, we remind you to verify that your theme is responsive with any device, because, if not, you will be losing a lot of traffic. 

Remember that your site should not exceed 1.5 seconds, this way you will avoid that the user chooses to leave your website and go to the competition, after all, remember that digital needs have evolved and now the time factor is one of the main factors to be the first option to choose. 

Just as your consumer browses social networks where he expects to find things that entertain him quickly, he also expects to find what he is looking for on Google as soon as possible. 

If you need a detailed assessment of your site do not hesitate to contact us to help you improve its performance, in Necodex we develop optimized web pages that meet all the standards of fast speed and we are ready to help you create the site you need or in case you already have it, optimize it.



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