How to have a website to sell?

website for selling

Imagine you are the creator of an innovative product to control anxiety as was the fidget cube a few years ago, but you don’t have your own website to sell this product, so you decide to start selling it on Amazon and you succeed. 

Your product is one of the best sellers in a short time and its demand begins to grow, unfortunately, months later, right at the peak of your sales, Amazon releases a product similar to yours, but without your brand and a few dollars less, becoming your #1 competitor.

Cases like this have been discussed in various technology media and among them, we can highlight The Wall Street Journal, with the following article, and New York Times with this post where he reports that Amazon also experiments with users who buy. 

It is before this that many new companies have decided to create their own eCommerce and sell their products directly, so if you are one of those who have made this decision we congratulate you, you deserve to have complete control of your products, their sales, and 100% of their profits. 

Therefore, today we will tell you some guidelines for you to have a website and successfully sell your merchandise

  1. Choose the hosting and register the domain name of your brand. Some of the most recognized hosting sites are: Hostgator and Godaddy and depending on the size of your store you can choose one of their various packages. 
  1. Create your online store. One of the most economical ways is to use WordPress and at this point, we suggest you hire a professional who can take care of both building your platform and giving it design, because although WordPress has options to “create it yourself” we advise you to play with these options only if you want to open a blog where you do not run major risks. Since if we talk about eCommerce where it will be clear the movement of money, what you need most is to build a highly secure, functional, and attractive store, in addition, developers with more experience can have it in a few days. 
  1. Do not forget the SSL certificate. And confirm that the developers you hired will implement it. This is a way of recognizing that they do have knowledge in this area since the SSL certificate helps users browsing your eCommerce to know that your site is secure and avoid the fear of using their cards on your platform. 
  1. Confirm that you can accept payments on your new store. Never let the developers you hire terminate your project without doing the necessary tests to confirm that your site can make and receive payments since this is the most important step when closing sales. 

Now that we have the technical tips, let’s move on to some tips that will help you give more functional and visual attractiveness to your site

  • Charge the right price according to the product and the experience you offer (good market research can help you on this point).
  • Take high-quality pictures where your products look very eye-catching, this is sometimes the difference between comparing your products or causing users to go to the competition. 
  • Promote your website. Many people think that by simply creating an eCommerce, sales will come by themselves and in reality, you should remember that if Coca-Cola, which is great among the great worldwide, never stops promoting itself, why wouldn’t you, who are just starting out, do it?

If you want to have a website to sell your great products in a short time and from the hand of experts, we invite you to contact us, our developers have managed to have a fully functional eCommerce even in just 48 hours and we are ready to create yours.

Perla Esmeralda Núñez Servín

Perla Esmeralda Núñez Servín

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