How to ensure that the extended team does a good remote work

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It is clear that with the arrival of the pandemic most companies were forced to perform remote work. Thus, many started hiring extended teams that offered their development work in this way, either from another city, another country, or even another continent, but the details about the advantages of hiring an extended development team will be explained in this article, because today we will talk specifically for those who have already made the decision to hire an extended team or already have one and want to know how to manage them effectively. 


Work in the same time zone: In North America, there are those who decide to choose extended teams to work remotely from India, to give an example, however, this devalues communication because they do not coincide in working hours, so many have chosen to stop looking for development teams in the Middle East and have chosen to go to those that are available in Latin America.

Get a CRM or make sure your team extension already has one: a CRM will help you manage your team, organize them and measure their time and tasks. 

You can find from simple CRMs such as Trello to more complete ones such as Bitrix24, and the latter is the one we highly recommend. 

Be clear with the objectives of each of your projects: although team extensions are usually self-sufficient when working remotely, the reality is that you must make clear what you expect from them, providing the necessary information, times, and objectives. This way you will avoid misunderstandings and you will not have to resort to constant supervision of the team. 

Focus on looking for results: many companies tend to question the methods used by their team extension, either because they lack the knowledge with which the members are working or prefer other forms of execution, however, you must remember that if your team is giving you good results the various methods with which they work can be put on the back burner. In this case, we recommend that if you want to be aware of how the process of your project will be carried out you have a previous meeting with the team so they can explain in detail how they will perform their work, this way you will know their ways of working from the beginning and each of the methods will be clearer for you. 

Encourage communication and delivery of results: you can hold daily, weekly or biweekly meetings where the team will tell you about their progress and results. This will help both them and you to be more in tune with the different projects that will be developed.

We hope you find these tips useful and that they will help you ensure that your team extension is doing a good job remotely. 

If you are looking for a team extension to develop software for you remember that at Necodex we offer this service and you can be sure that we follow each of the suggestions mentioned in this article, we also have the bitrix24 CRM and we will make sure to manage the teams for you. 

Perla Esmeralda Núñez Servín

Perla Esmeralda Núñez Servín

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