Get to know the software development trends of 2021

software development trends

2020 is a few months away from ending. It was the year of a total change in the market as most businesses went bankrupt or had to be forced to sell online to survive. This fact also caused changes in technology, so today you will learn about the biggest software development trends for 2021. 

Let’s start by defining what the main trend is, the one that regardless of your online business line of business you should consider to implement 

Cybersecurity, which is considered essential in this market change where, as eCommerce has increased, online extortion or cybercrime has also increased, as well as on platforms such as WhatsApp where accounts have been duplicated or hacked for extortion purposes, Several eCommerce sites have suffered attacks and those that did not have excellent security or developers trained in account recovery lost large amounts of money, so our main recommendation is that regardless of whether or not you want to follow the other trends, you should consider investing in cybersecurity for your business. 

Consider having your software developer of choice address the following points: 

  • Cloud breaches of your eCommerce or website. 
  • Perform regular backups of your information. 
  • Consider the prevention of online attacks. 

General software development trends

  • User experience design: this trend started in 2020 and is set to continue in 2021. Given the great competition, eCommerce and website owners realized that customers now have several options in the market and that they choose the most intuitive sites, so those who worked on the user experience even increased the flow of their customers. 
  • Integration with the cloud and other platforms: Especially if you own an eCommerce, another trend is to say goodbye to local servers and hire servers hosted in the cloud. Similarly, you can hire an ERP service to control the administration of your eCommerce. Thanks to this type of integration you will not have to worry about the expansion of your hosting or the management and processing of your data, so you will have more time to carry out strategies that will help you increase your income. 
  • Design of progressive web applications: something that was highly valued in this 2020 where Internet shopping reigned were the sites where you did not have to wait for the download of an application for use, which is why even though there was already the technology of progressive web applications its boom was not seen increasing until this year and in 2021 will grow even more. These types of apps work both independently of the website and the device and are created with high security. 

As you will see, the software development trends for 2021 are implementations that began to be executed in 2020, but for next year their use will accelerate because they will be a great differentiator of quality and therefore will generate greater comfort and confidence to your customers. 

If you want to follow these trends remember that in Necodex we have trained developers who can execute with quality each of your projects, so do not hesitate to contact us at: +1 602-483-6977 to know your software needs and schedule an appointment without obligation. 

Perla Esmeralda Núñez Servín

Perla Esmeralda Núñez Servín

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