Benefits of having your own app

And what greater benefit than being present in your customer’s pocket? As you know, the cell phone is almost an extension of our body, something with which we interact most of the time each day, either for work or entertainment, so now imagine the impact that can generate that every time one of your customers use their cell phone is your logo on their home screen. 

Believe it or not, having your own app is even a branding strategy, because of this, as long as customers have your application on their cell phone they will remember it even if it is unconsciously, no matter if they only see it out of the corner of their eye and do not use it daily. 

It is a very different strategy from just having a website because for a user to have the intention of going to a website, it is necessary to have the prior intention of requesting something from it, search it on google, and access it.

On the other hand, with your own app, your customers may not plan to click, but when they see it, they can generate interest or curiosity to use it. 

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Direct communication with the customer: you can send direct messages to your customer’s cell phone screen as notifications. This is essential because this way you can send them information and promotions that motivate them to buy your products or services. 

Increased profits: this is thanks to the fact that applications are designed to make it easier and faster for the user to make purchases in just a few clicks. Therefore, in most cases, an app manages to close more sales than your own website. 

Stand out from your competition: nowadays anyone can have a website, but an app? That privilege is still not within everyone’s reach and there are no programs that help to create really functional and professional applications. 

Generate more customer participation: most applications have a section for opinions, questions, and ratings. The fact that your customers write to you and their answers can be viewed by other users allows you to increase participation in general, it also helps more users to know how your brand behaves and how it is perceived by those who use it, thus motivating a greater number of downloads. 

If you want to have your own app we have the developers you need to create it, also, do not doubt that it will have a unique design and personality, since we also handle UI/UX design, with which your app will increase its status by offering a design that besides attractive will be intuitive and responsive for users use. 

Are you ready to have a professional application like the most recognized brands? Contact one of our consultants in our contact section or leave us a message right there so we can get in touch with you and talk about your technological needs. 

Marco Davila

Marco Davila

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