All about telemedicine apps: tips for developing them


If you have a medical emergency, what would you prefer? Would you prefer to be taken to the doctor, hoping that there is not too much traffic or a long waiting line, or would you prefer to be attended to right there from your home? We are almost certain that you would choose the latter and this is why telemedicine apps are increasingly in demand.

They will attend to you in a few minutes from the comfort of your home, they will consult you by video call and chat, they will generate prescriptions and much more. In addition, patients who have already been attended to by these means assure that it is much cheaper than visiting a doctor in the physical.

And how would it benefit you to have your own application from this niche?

Because of the income, they generate in the face of the need for home care

Before covid-19, this technology already existed for health care and 1 out of 10 patients came to use this type of service, but it was not until this 2020 that a survey revealed that now 79% of the American population wants to consult each other through medical video conferences.

So if you plan to develop your own application, but are in doubt as to which one  would leave you with great benefits, telehealth is one of the best options both at this time and for years to come.


After the above, you will surely now ask yourself: how much does it cost you to develop your own telemedicine app?

A general estimate, thinking about the different market prices and the approximately 1,500 hours it would take to develop this type of application, is estimated to be around $75,000 dollars.

However, we must remember that each developer handles its own prices, and in this case, we can quote you without obligation and according to your needs and budget.

If with the above you feel more encouraged to immerse yourself in the world of telemedicine and do business with it we will explain how patients use this type of application so that they are aware of the broad outlines of how your future app will work.

The most important functions

-Patient platform:

When the user downloads the application and indicates that he or she is a patient, the normal thing to do is to ask the user a series of questions in order to find out his or her health status and data.

After that, patients will have access to a network of doctors via remote where they will have a list of doctors available and ready to assist them via video call or chat as they wish.

-Platform for doctors:

This area is exclusive for doctors and it requests the data of each doctor who wishes to be part of the platform. The ideal is that you have a data collection system that can guarantee that the doctors that will be part of your application will be of quality.

Some applications are handled with general practitioners, while others have specialists. Another differentiator that we have located in this type of apps is that many choose to address only certain communities. So it will depend on the strategy you want to take at the moment of launching your brand how you will sell yourself.


Never forget safety

Another indispensable thing to remember when making your telemedicine application is that the health area is one of the most delicate and must always promise the security of the data given. In addition, it is always good to train your doctors so that they know what kind of information they can give to their patients and what they should leave out.

Something you should not forget when it comes to security is to be careful with your system updates. Remember that the developers must detect any vulnerability to avoid hacking or data leaks. For this reason, at Necodex we always make sure to validate each of the applications we create before our clients launch them onto the market.

We have reached this point where you already know the general scheme of telehealth and its benefits as a business.

With a monetization strategy

Actually, this question is solved as any application would, you can always choose to offer a subscription model for users with various options and payments or a fee model, which is more popular and profitable.

Last but not least, we would like to advise you to ask for a unique and attractive UI/UX design. In this case, some developers choose to use templates when creating telemedicine applications, but if you really want to differentiate yourself, it is best to work with that unique design from the beginning, which only your application will have.

We hope that all this information has been useful to you and if you want us to advise you, do not hesitate to contact us so that a consultant can assist you and give you advice without obligation.



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