7 Reasons why your Business need an ecommerce

Example for Business need an ecommerce

On this days the ecommerce business are growing and show no signs of slowing down. The next points show the US ecommerce sales year over year.

  • 2017 $461 Billions
  • 2018  $524 Billions
  • 2019  $602 Billions

That means the US ecommerce on 2019 grow 14.9%, and this 2020 will continue growing.

So if you are a seller or have a business you should have a ecommerce and in this article give you 7 reasons why your business need an ecommerce

1. Open 24/7

Now your business is available all day and all night. and yours customer can go to your store whenever and that your customers will love it, and will increase your sales rate conversion.

2. Increase your reach

Using an ecommerce store millions of people across the world can view all your products, and using the correct Digital strategies increase the traffic through your website and increase your sale rate conversion. 

3. Global Market

It doesn’t matter where is your customer with the correct ecommerce design give an opportunity to receive offers for your products and services through the world.     

4. Best Google results through Search Engines

If you want to increase and have best google results, your ecommerce needs an SEO Strategy which one allows to start ranking thought the best ecommerce and have best results than your competition. 

5. Learn more about your audience

The Ecommerce gives to you a lot of data about the traffic though the website as age, gender, location, time in the website and more that allow to create better marketing campaigns.

6. Run creative marketing campaigns

Habe an ecommerce website it’s not enough, its need to be combined with marketings campaigns and with that you can focus on the entire website or specific products to measure the effectiveness of the campaign

7. Scalable

The ecommerce website need to be scalable to add new sections, products, promotions, and support the traffic thoruh the website.   

So, in conclusion the ecommerce it’s very important for a business on 2020, and and if you want to start selling on internet you can check the available options or create an own ecommerce through an software developer company.

Jesus Rodolfo Olguin Villanueva

Jesus Rodolfo Olguin Villanueva

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