5 eCommerce trends for 2021


It’s a new year and people also have new ways to shop online, so to keep you up to date with these developments, today we reveal the most relevant eCommerce trends.

  1. Increased use and creation of augmented reality 

Due to the pandemic, augmented reality was very well received in 2020, as users could simulate testing products from the comfort of their homes.

In 2021, this trend will take greater force, increasing the number of businesses that will include it in their social networks and websites.

The success of this resource is because it is very attractive and sometimes even entertaining, generating a considerable increase in the traffic of the sites that have implemented it.

Increased use and creation of augmented reality
  1. More forms of payment 

To increase the number of sales on a digital level, eCommerce will begin to give a greater number of payment options because many users, especially foreigners, leave their articles in their shopping cart and do not complete their purchases since they can not always make use of their preferred payment provider. 

So if you have already detected that many of your customers leave halfway through the purchase process, it is time to analyze whether you need to provide more options for them to make purchases successfully so you do not lose any more sales.

  1. Increasing artificial intelligence

Bots on websites will display more emotion-based content to give more enjoyable and humane experiences for greater retention. It has been proven that what people expect from brands is to feel that they really care about them, which an appropriate AI bot can accomplish without having to hire additional personnel. 

Therefore, artificial intelligence is an available strategy to have customers happy and achieve a better shopping experience overall. Also, this resource helps to offer a personalized experience that increases the purchase rate and brand loyalty in customers. 

  1. Increased use of chatbots

You may have noticed that when you visit websites some of them now have a chatbot in the lower right or left of the screen. In 2020 the use of chatbots has increased by 80% alone, and it is only expected to keep growing.

Thanks to these chats, stores have managed to communicate with thousands of customers at the same time and give the necessary attention to encourage the sales of products and services. 

  1. Increase in voice search 

There are more and more households with voice assistants, so it will be good if in your SEO strategy you stop focusing on positioning keywords and give priority to answering common questions from users. 

In our case, we focus on merging both of these SEO strategies to offer better value content and if you need it we can advise you on that. 

Increase in voice search

You may have noticed that most of these eCommerce trends are resources that started becoming popular in 2020 and are widely used today. We use the most popular and attractive resources in the market that have been proved to work in increasing sales in eCommerce websites. 

Since the start of the pandemic, most people got used to making online purchases, and some others even started downloading apps to make payments for basic services like water and electricity, and even apps to buy non-essential products!

The first companies to implement augmented reality or artificial intelligence have already paved the way, so it’s time to take advantage of it and have your business increase its sales and exposure to other people. 

Are you ready to modernize your business with these eCommerce trends? 

Jesus Rodolfo Olguin Villanueva

Jesus Rodolfo Olguin Villanueva

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